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This page displays the current projects of Ben Kuplien Brand Strategy & Design. I work independently in the areas of digital development and design, while still implementing classic print projects, especially editorial design. In cooperation with the publisher of the trade magazine Aerosol Europe I work as publisher, responsible for the technical implementation of the publication Petfood Packaging Magazine and the organization of the trade fair ampat Aerosol and Metal Packaging Technology Forum New York and Dubai.

Other clients include companies from the areas of education, digitalization, healthcare and smaller projects for individual companies and mid-sized businesses.
The initial focus is always on the target and the conceptual approach to successfully position an online project. Only in the second step the design is developed, which carries content and goal guidance.

From the list below, I've worked for customers as direct clients, freelance, and in employment. For my work, I rely on freelancers from the areas of coding, design and editing to support me in larger projects.

In the list of case studies, I go into more detail about individual projects to demonstrate the approach.

Case Studies coming soon

CUSTOMERS direct and freelance (links represent websites I produced for these clients)

Aerosol Europe Magazine
Allgäu GmbH tourism
Allianz insurances
ampat trade show
Arnest aerosols
Autodesk software
BKG eV hospital association Berlin
Böhmer sanitary services
Brooks Running sports
Comfee' household electronics
Comorange consulting
Compart IT-Solutions
cook&keep receipe holder
Coolix ventilation and climmate
D'Avitani food imports
Drees furniture
Düsseldorfer Akademie
EDUgen digital schools project
Eidex GmbH incentives
Egger Group wood production
Ferienhaus Almoçageme holiday homes
FitX fitness company
halle27 photographers
heimatplanet GmbH trading company
IP Union patent attourney assn.
Jelica carton & paper
Kardiologie Böhmerwaldplatz
Kömpf & Kollegen lawyers
Lafostra gardening
Manja Schreiner political page
McFit fitness company
OneService networks
Petfood Packaging Magazine
Precision Global
Püschgel Group engineering
Roche pharma
Röhn Kliniken hospitals
Stadionbox food packaging
Summit aerosols
Tech Fontein
Thalia edition
Thyssen Krupp
Umarex sports
Unser Mainz eV city marketing
WAM Die Medienakademie
Wohnungsgenossenschaft Oberhausen eV
XXS short film festivals
Xantaro networks
ZydoLab Laboratories

Contact & Disclaimer

Ben Kuplien

Kaiserstr. 24
80801 München
+49 172 900 53 29